The joy and frustration of writing! I started a short story to put out some new material while I work on the next novel. But it turned into a long and now I’m tempted to make it even longer. It’s the story of how I wrote my first play: Trial of the Living Dead. I hope to have it finished this week, but deadlines and me are on very bad terms.


First Draft

I thought it might be useful to chart the journey of a poem from first draft to abandonment. The poem I’ve chosen is as yet untitled. It’s a record of a happening (man!) out side the church in the photo. For those interested, the church is on Dawson Street in Dublin.

So here it is!



An old Priest begging with sexy
Tunes bouncing from a speaker
Behind. He taps out the rhythm against
The side of his money box. His foot
Beats a different song
While his eyes remember.