Blankety Blank.

After almost two weeks of work, I finally finished the first draft of a new poem. I won’t be publishing it here. I’m saving them up to send to magazines. I’ve been learning blank verse, which I discovered is what I’d been trying to write all along. Who knew! It’s fun and challenging, and a couple of months ago I would have considered it finished, but there are rules to follow – not slavishly, but still. The funny thing is, having a definite structure is actually quite liberating and stimulating. I doubt I’ll ever be an instapoet, but that’s not a bad thing. I’ve discovered this is a life pursuit for me, so even if I never publish again, someone sometime might find it useful or amusing. Meanwhile, I get to write it.


Once again,

Day breaks in upon her
Like a thief,
Like a tender, nervous lover;

Sets a shadow

Like a veil


Her eyes --

Her perfect body turning--
Her fragrance fills the sky--
Her lips smiling warmer than the sun

Light on her skin. The needle shadow
Marks her
Passing through the day.