Online Cupid

Gold VersionBehind the Story: Online Cupid was inspired by a post I read years ago. The writer complained about a dating website. After joining on he got a lot of messages from a lot of women, but he had to buy an upgrade to reply to them. So he did, and then the messages stopped and none of the women replied to his messages. Some of the replies to his post were really nasty, to him and the women. Some of them said to check for an OC icon on the profiles of any women that contacted him. OC stands for Online Cupid and it means they work for the site and their job is to talk people into buying upgrades.

At the time I thought this was an extraordinary situation. I opened free accounts on a few of these sites – too much time on my hands, maybe – I left the accounts totally blank and within a day I had lists of women wanting to get together with me, and all of them thought I was the best looking man since sliced bread, which was very perceptive of them as I hadn’t posted a photograph, not even a fake one. I had only to buy an upgrade so we could make the arrangements. This was on the sites where I could read the messages, on others I had to buy an upgrade just to do that. As far as I remember, an upgrade cost $25 per month. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t buy an upgrade.

There was one message that did interest me, because it allegedly came from a woman living within easy walking distance of where I was living, it to me which University she went to, how she liked to spend her free time, and attached to the message were pictures of her in the nip.

Just to be clear, I have no moral objections to sex dating. If you’re an adult, and you know what you’re doing, and you’re not doing any harm, then what you do is nobody’s business but yours.

When I got that message I thought she must be crazy, after all, how does she know I’m not a serial killer? Or maybe she’s a psycho, maybe she read the SCUM manifesto and had an epiphany. Then I realized it might not be her at all. Would you give out that sort of information to a complete stranger?

Then I wondered what if she had sent the same information one of the guys from the original post. Online Cupid is my exploration of that idea

Online Cupid here.