I’ve had three plays produced, the first one, Trial of the Living Dead, is now lost.


This is nothing to do with Beckett! Two old friends attempt to go on a road trip, but start to argue and don’t even make it out of the car park.

Godot was staged as part of the Scene + Heard theatre festival 2018.

Cast: David Spain & Fergus Anthony

Director: Paul Winters

I’m giving it a rewrite at the moment, in between working on the new novel.

Examine Your Zip

Martin Green trains people in the art of door-to-door sales, or as he calls it: advertising. Little does Martin know that his world is about to fall apart.

Cast: Blaise Reid & Fergus Anthony

Director: Paul Winters

The picture here is not the poster. I recently discovered I don’t have a copy of the poster. I put this together when I was thinking of indie publishing the script.

The quotes are from the audience comments.