New Cover

The Company of Thieves ebook cover v3This is the new cover I’ve designed for the ebook version of The Company of Thieves.

Dovlatov Variations

Dovlatov Variations 5Happy to say my picture ‘Dovlatov Variations No. 5’ is now in its new home in Estonia.

Fun with the Elections

Election Poster 3

I’m not on the ballot, but don’t let that stop you from voting for me on May 24.
I’m due to be evicted before that, so I might not even have a say.

It’s also worth keeping in mind the fact that if we have a largely corrupt political system, it’s because we have a largely corrupt electorate.

If you vote for someone based on your own self-interest, rather than who will be good for the community, don’t be surprised, and don’t complain, when their career is governed by their own self-interest.

That said, however you vote, vote

Check the register here.

Dublin’s Fair City

I read recently that some private company has spent over six hundred million buying up property in Ireland. mostly residential. I can’t help wondering how much of that property will end up being rented by the government for use as social housing. This is something that’s been on my mind since I got my own eviction notice. The house was bought by a company that didn’t exist a few months before they bought the house. There’s a list of companies involved, and it looks like they own each other.

Anyway, because of the housing situation in Dublin, I qualify for a thing called Homeless HAP, basically a higher form of rent subsidy for people at risk of homelessness. Out of curiosity I looked up the cost of a mortgage and discovered that on a one bedroom apartment, the repayments on a mortgage are less than the government currently pay in rent. That’s not to suggest the government should simply buy apartments and hand them over, but if they were to buy apartments, and give people a life interest in them, paying for the upkeep and what-not, it could do a lot of good. Yes, some people would take unfair advantage of the situation, but more would use it as a stepping stone to a better life.

Makes you wonder what’s going on.

I have just over two weeks left, let’s see how it works out.


flyer compressed

I didn’t realise how long it’s been since I updated this blog. In that time I’ve had some really positive rejections from theatres and magazines. Positive because they asked me to submit again, so I figure I’m doing something right. I’ve also had an acceptance, but they said someone else would be in touch for my details, so who knows.

Anywho, what prompted this post is a flyer I’ve designed for Jelena Demchenkova’s upcoming exhibition. All the details are there, so if you’re in Blanch come along, and if you’re not, you can get there easily enough on the 39 or 39A bus.

Here’s a link to Jelena’s Facebook page.


A Reading

For those who don’t know, an Online Cupid is someone who works for a dating site, and their job is to sweet talk people into buying paid subscriptions to the site, usually with promises of great sex. I was inspired to write the book after reading comments on a message board. Someone complained that he had joined a dating site and got such a good response he bought an upgrade. Then the messages stopped. He didn’t understand why. Some of the replies to his comments were absolutely viscous.

Out of curiosity, and let’s face it, wasting time one day, I opened accounts on, I think it was five dating sites, and left them blank. Sure enough, I got loads of messages telling me how wonderful and sexy I was. I didn’t respond to any of these, and I didn’t buy an upgrade.

One woman sent me all the information I would need to track her down, and she didn’t live that far from me. My first though was ‘How does she know I’m not a serial killer?’ Then I though, ‘How do I know she’s not a serial killer?’ Then I though, ‘How do I know it’s her at all?’ The book is available here, and if yo do get it, please, please, please, leave a review, whatever you think of it.

Online Cupid



PortraitPortrait of a Woman with Leaves in Her Hair, Watercolour on paper. I don’t remember when I painted this. It’s my first watercolour. I made many false starts before this, and I can see many mistakes in it, but I fell that I captured something that might not be there if I had gotten it exactly right.

There’s a print of this picture here.