Food Bank

All dressed up to be torn down!

This is the former community centre where I used to work. Apart from the food bank, which changed radically at the start of the pandemic, most of the activities had to stop.

We had to move out a few weeks ago. The new place is not half as good, but a few of the other things have started up again.

Disappearing Dublin

I had no idea what this building was when I took the photo. I saw them from upstairs on a bus and liked the look of them, so I got off the bus and went back to take this shot. I put the photo into an exhibition, and it was there one day someone told me they used to be a stable.

A few months later this and some other buildings in the area were torn down to make way for apartments.

The Bridge

The Bridge

I took this on my way home from a job interview. I didn’t get the job, but I got this. It was the only good thing in that area.

There was a tension in the air, like you could be attacked at any moment. The streets were empty, with litter the only evidence of life.

I’d been in a situation like that only once before. A theatre company I worked for in the mid nineties hosted a workshop for kids in a deprived area of Dublin. Even though I traveled in the back of the van, with no windows to look out, I knew we had entered the area because the atmosphere suddenly changed.

Temple Bar, Dublin

Another of my Lockdown pics. Temple Bar is usually overcrowded and noisy. Maybe that’s because I’m over fifty and quiet, thirty years ago it was one of my stomping grounds. I remember getting stoned in the green room at the Rock Garden while the worst hair metal band I’ve ever heard sang about being red hot lovers. The air in the green room was like mist in summertime with hairspray. Thankfully it didn’t ignite when we lit the spliff.