Friday Foto

It seems appropriate for the times.

On another note, I recently saw an ad for an anti-facemask rally here in Dublin. The organisers are so committed to getting others to join their cause, they recommend people wear a face mask and socially distance if that would make them more comfortable!

Food Bank

All dressed up to be torn down!

This is the former community centre where I used to work. Apart from the food bank, which changed radically at the start of the pandemic, most of the activities had to stop.

We had to move out a few weeks ago. The new place is not half as good, but a few of the other things have started up again.

Disappearing Dublin

I had no idea what this building was when I took the photo. I saw them from upstairs on a bus and liked the look of them, so I got off the bus and went back to take this shot. I put the photo into an exhibition, and it was there one day someone told me they used to be a stable.

A few months later this and some other buildings in the area were torn down to make way for apartments.

The Bridge

The Bridge

I took this on my way home from a job interview. I didn’t get the job, but I got this. It was the only good thing in that area.

There was a tension in the air, like you could be attacked at any moment. The streets were empty, with litter the only evidence of life.

I’d been in a situation like that only once before. A theatre company I worked for in the mid nineties hosted a workshop for kids in a deprived area of Dublin. Even though I traveled in the back of the van, with no windows to look out, I knew we had entered the area because the atmosphere suddenly changed.