Wind Farm

Wind Farm compressedWind Farm. (2018) This painting is now in a private collection in Moscow, and given that I also have work in collections in New York and London, I can honestly say I’m an artist with an international career, yet such a claim could also be fairly described as nonsense.  This is the first painting of mine that wasn’t sold for charity or given away. Looking at it this picture now, I’m almost sorry I sold it. As haphazard as that sky looks it took ages to get right.

Anyway, I was thinking of wind farms, these massive structures and how they are dwarfed by the landscape, and I came up with this painting.


PortraitPortrait of a Woman with Leaves in Her Hair, Watercolour on paper. I don’t remember when I painted this. It’s my first watercolour. I made many false starts before this, and I can see many mistakes in it, but I fell that I captured something that might not be there if I had gotten it exactly right.

There’s a print of this picture here.


BreakfastBreakfast, Emulsion and oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, Dublin 2018


IMG_20171219_004816This is called Tragedy, and it’s meant to look like this. I say that because it’s amazing how many people think all I finished were her lips.

Anyway, it’s water-mixable oil on canvas, from 2010, and it’s leaving me tomorrow.

Cafe Table

IMG_20180401_210806_569[1]Cafe Table, 12 x 16 cm. Tempera on canvas board, April 2018, Dublin.

Bottle of Green

Bottle of Green, 12 x 16, Tempera on canvas boardBottle of Green for blog

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips, (16 x 12, Tempera on canvas board)                                           Fish and Chips for blog