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Jelena Demchenkova .
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Welcome to my new blog. I deleted the old one in a fit of depression and when I was setting this up I discovered that to use my own domain I would have to buy an upgrade, which was depressing!

Anyway, I have no message for humanity, and no desire to tell you how to live your life, but I need an online presence, and don’t understand Facebook, so here I am.


I have no advice for writers, other than to say you cannot but express yourself, so learn your craft, and just because it means everything to you doesn’t mean it will have any value for others!

As for me, I trained as an actor and worked in community theatre. Now I work in a food bank and write. If you’re very good boys and girls I might, occasionally, share some of my work in progress.

And now… the obligatory, third person, blah, blah, blah…

Fergus Anthony was born in Ireland in 1969. Amongst other jobs, he has worked as a kitchen porter, a janitor, a tour guide, as a general labourer in construction. In the late nineties he trained as an actor and worked mainly in community theatre.

His theatre credits include Robbie Ross in Our Country’s Good, The Painter in The Visit, and Martin Kavanagh in Brothers of the Brush.

He has published one novel: The Company of Thieves, one novella Online Cupid, exploring of the dark side of online dating, and a pair of shorts; The Man who Thought he was Charles Bukowski, and Trial of the Living Dead.

His plays, Examine Your Zip and Godot performed to enthusiastic audiences.

Audience feedback for Examine Your Zip:
“Bawdy, witty, observant. Great performances.”
“Great show. Hearty laughs and heartfelt moments.”
“So clever. Excellent. Almost cried at some parts, roared with laughter at others.”