The Food of Love?

0:06 / 2:53

All The Things

The lyric goes back about fifteen years. I used the chorus in my book The Company of Thieves. This is my eight attempt at a video, and I still made mistakes. But if I waited till it was perfect it would never get done. You might have to turn the sound up, it plays fine on my phone, but on the computer I have to turn it up full.

Anyway, here’s the lyric,

All The Things 
All the things left unsaid 
Swing like Sinatra 
Singing in a Bunny trap 

All the things left undone 
Swing just like children 
Silent children from a tree 

I believe we have been born 
To Live simply and with love 
In the world 
That comes to hand 

I have failed my body, baby, 
I know that I failed yours 
Cos this quiet life 
Is free of charge 
And costs too much to keep

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