New Poem

Children run wildI’ve decided it’s high time I started submitting to magazines, if only to find out how good or otherwise my work is. I call it poetry, but I’m not at all sure.

Anyway, I thought one last poetry post until I get published. So here it is, an untitled story of a bus journey.

Now to find a magazine…



2 thoughts on “New Poem

  1. Fergus!,
    I’ve noticed many of your poetic draws are based upon a spectatorship setting. The “He”, the “She”, the “her and him”, albeit predominantly used in present-day flash poetry, is highly hindering your conveyability.

    You own a poetic mind, one that can construct and weave verse outstandingly well. Your potential is virtually unlimited, but in order to further unlock those scapes of communication, you must be sincere.

    If you, say, only over-look the world and scribe it, what do I, at the end of the poem, know about you? Not you as Fergus, you as a poetic subject beyond a static tripod camera. One that feels, and bleeds such emotions into what it observes.

    I hope you don’t feel like I overstepped; but we must be wary of trends, as they don’t always fit us and our style. Expand, and you shall create.


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