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For those who don’t know, an Online Cupid is someone who works for a dating site, and their job is to sweet talk people into buying paid subscriptions to the site, usually with promises of great sex. I was inspired to write the book after reading comments on a message board. Someone complained that he had joined a dating site and got such a good response he bought an upgrade. Then the messages stopped. He didn’t understand why. Some of the replies to his comments were absolutely viscous.

Out of curiosity, and let’s face it, wasting time one day, I opened accounts on, I think it was five dating sites, and left them blank. Sure enough, I got loads of messages telling me how wonderful and sexy I was. I didn’t respond to any of these, and I didn’t buy an upgrade.

One woman sent me all the information I would need to track her down, and she didn’t live that far from me. My first though was ‘How does she know I’m not a serial killer?’ Then I though, ‘How do I know she’s not a serial killer?’ Then I though, ‘How do I know it’s her at all?’ The book is available here, and if yo do get it, please, please, please, leave a review, whatever you think of it.

Online Cupid http://tinyurl.com/onlinecupid


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