Teach Yourself to Live (again)

Teach Yourself to Live cover

I’ve gathered what I consider to be the best of the verses I wrote over the last few years and put them in this handy little PDF for you to download for free from my blog. The piece below feels unfinished, but that’s life!!

I don’t know if you’ve experienced problems with reading the version of this book I put on Scribd, but everytime I try to access it I get a message saying it’s been removed. It is still there, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Anyway, I’ve added this version to this blog, so download away and feel free to share..

Her Last Embrace

The Old Master sat by
Her bedside, their children
All gathered around, watching
The colours that come to claim
The living for the dead.
As all around and all within
Urged him not to lose
Her last embrace.

Dissolving into light
She set the past on him,
As he addressed a nakedness
He’d never known before,
As all of her memories escaping
Urged him not to lose
Her last embrace.


Here’s the link:



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