Dublin Docks

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Heavily edited.

Protest in Dublin

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There were farmers protesting. The streets around Leinster House were closed off.

Publication… at last.

I finally had a poem accepted. My first time in a poetry magazine. And here it is…

I watched a white feather

Ride the wind down and hover
a while before surfing
the breeze to the garden fence,
then passing through, rise above
plants, bricks, plastic bags;
a shopping trolley filled with
dirt. And I, finding beauty in this,
crushed my spent cigarette underfoot,
composing this celebration.

It’s in the Spring edition of New Square poetry magazine, which arrived at my door a short while ago thanks to me sending in the wrong house number.

New Cover

The Company of Thieves ebook cover v3This is the new cover I’ve designed for the ebook version of The Company of Thieves.


I have gone to Smashwords. I don’t know if it will be of any use, but given that I’m a dead loss at marketing, I can’t trust that having books on Amazon will buy me an apartment. It doesn’t have to be a big apartment, just a home of my own that some landlord can’t sell to a vulture fund who then evicts everybody into homelessness, which is happening a lot in Ireland these days.

I know Smashwords is unlikely to make me rich but everything I’ve read says do a series, so I’ve broken my, so far, two books, into episodes with the first episode free to download.

The Company of Thieves is in nine episodes.

Online Cupid is in three.

And my page is here.

Dovlatov Variations

Dovlatov Variations 5Happy to say my picture ‘Dovlatov Variations No. 5’ is now in its new home in Estonia.

Evidence of Evil

No copyright infringement intended, these are stills, photographed from the television by my girlfriend, of yours truly in the CBSReality show Evidence of Evil.

It was an interesting experience. If you haven’t seen the show, you can’t hear any of the actors talk, but we all had to improvise the sort of dialog that might really be in those situations. I played the lead detective, so when I interviewed suspects, I had to really interview them.

Of course, my dream job would be a part in Star Trek: Picard. Come on CBS; two bald men in one show, you can’t possibly miss!


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