The Company of Thieves

You’re Going to Reap What’s in Your Soul.

A diamond, a woman, and a dark secret at the heart of the American Dream. Master thief, Jack Higgins, has just pulled off the crime of his life – he has stolen the Whitely Diamond and left irrefutable proof of the theft. That’s what he was hired to do, and that’s where he should have left it. But instead of handing it over, Jack gives the diamond to charity, and a few days later the government catch up with him. Jack is offered a deal he can’t refuse – if he wants to stay free: help catch a major international criminal, and all of Jack’s ill-gotten gains will be legitimised. Now he’s a Secret Agent, Jack heads to London for this final job, unaware that his every move is being monitored.

His contact is a mysterious woman named Sarah who terrifies him, and their journey ultimately leads to a conspiracy to start a war, and the dark heart of America’s wealthiest family.

Blending elements of thriller, black comedy, sex and violence, The Company of Thieves both celebrates and subverts the classic novel for men. Previously available as An Empire of Silence, by Anthony Chapman.

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Online Cupid

An unnamed man interrogates the online cupid who talked him into buying an upgrade on a dating site, and then dropped him as soon as he made the payment. She insists she knows nothing about this, but if it wasn’t her, then who? And why?

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The Man who Thought he was Charles Bukowski

After years of trying to live like his favorite authors, an old man goes drinking in the park, and discovers that what he thought of as romantic was really just grubby

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